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Domestic Burglar Alarm Systems

Bell BoxFor over 21 years our security systems have provided protection against burglary by offering the correct balance between the best possible detection with ease of operation, every installation designed and recognised by Police and Insurance Companies.

Our latest system 'Vaultsecure™' has been designed for a fast flexible fully wire free installation, unobtrusive and ultra reliable without the normal lifting of carpets and movement of furniture.

The system can be easily expanded up to 32 zones if required, this normally enough for the largest property and includes a wide range of detection ranging from pet-tolerant passive infra reds (PIRs), door contacts, shock (Seismic) detection for windows / doors, panic attack (double push) buttons to optical smoke, carbon monoxide and flood detection.

Neat, quickly installed and easy to use  
Neat, quickly installed and easy to use  

Different Intruder Alarm System types are available dependent on the site risk, ranging from the" Local Alarm System" which is nothing more than a external sounder alerting neighbours to a full alarm condition (but we need to ask the question "does anyone take notice these days"?) to our unique Radio Link signalling system direct to key holders or optional Police Response.

Some companies will advise you to install a system complete with voice dialler utilising your telephone line, but again dependent on the risk, could it be easily overcome by a burglar cutting the telephone cables at the property or street or even dialling your telephone number and jamming the line?

Our systems normally utilise a low cost secure radio link with broadband or telephone line back-up direct to key holders up to the  higher risk sites where our NACOSS Alarm Receiving Centre first confirm the activation prior to dispatching a Level One Police Response.

This includes signalling via both a GSM radio link with broadband or telephone line back up for a Police or Fire Brigade Response. The benefit of this type of system is if one signalling path is compromised by a thief the signal is immediately sent to the (ARC) by the other signalling path.

Technical false alarms are now a thing of the past with "Vaultsecure™" as all systems are now embedded with SIM card interfaces allowing true 24hr remote diagnostics and support through or dedicated support server. The fully managed secure GSM connectivity to our customers allows our technical support staff immediate access to our installed systems throughout the UK.

Key holders may control the system and receive tailored information through any text messaging device such as a mobile phone or PDA. This service allows users to:

  • Arm or Disarm the system
  • Bypass specific zone areas
  • Receive a simple text message when the kids are home from school or an elderly relative hasn’t moved over a predetermined time window.
  • Request system status (ideal when away on holiday)
  • Monitor mains power failures
  • Remotely control heating and CCTV

Police Response Requirements

As an approved company we are required to meet the strict criteria laid down by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers). This is not as daunting as is may seem as the both the Police and ourselves are simply filtering out any false alarm signals prior to a "Level One Police Response" being actioned by confirming the alarm activation first.

On installation completion, your system will be allocated with a Police Unique Reference Number (URN) which is the information required to dispatch the Police Response Officers to any confirmed alarm activation.

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